FRED Economic Data: Real Estate, Interest Rates, and Economic Indicators

Discover the latest real estate and economic trends with FRED Economic Data, featuring in-depth insights on housing, monetary data, interest rates, prices, and employment.

Explore Comprehensive Real Estate and Economic Data at FRED Economic Data

Discover an extensive range of economic and real estate insights on our FRED Economic Data page, a valuable resource for tracking trends in the Austin, Texas area and beyond. Stay informed on the latest developments in the US housing market, monetary data, interest rates, prices, and employment with our easy-to-navigate datasets.

  • Real Estate: Dive into the Austin real estate market with key indicators such as US Housing Starts, US Building Permits, US Housing Completions, and the Rental Vacancy and Homeownership Rate.

  • Monetary Data: Stay up-to-date on financial market trends with datasets like Discount Window Borrowing, Fed Total Assets, Fed Mortgage Backed Securities, M1 Money Supply, M2 Money Supply YoY, and Overnight Repo Market.

  • Federal Debt: Understand the broader economic picture with the Federal Debt to GDP ratio, Federal Debt, and Earnings Remittances.

  • Interest Rates: Keep track of the ever-changing interest rate landscape with information on the Fed Funds Rate, 6 Month US T-Bill, 2 Year US T-Bill, 2 Yr Minus Fed Funds Rate, 10 Year US T-Bill, 2's vs 10's, 10 Yr T vs 30 Yr MTG, 30-Yr Rate, and the SOFR Index.

  • Prices: Monitor price fluctuations with the CPI (Inflation), US Home Price Index / CPI, Austin Home Price Index vs CPI, Austin MSA Home Price Index, and Crude Oil Prices WTI.

  • Employment: Stay informed about the job market with data on Unemployment Nation, Unemployment Austin, Indeed Job Postings, Labor Force Participation Rate, and Job Openings.

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